The Perfect Walk-in Wardrobe

Perfect Walk In Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is something that you may have dreamed about for years. The good news is that they are not just for those who live in huge mansions, we could actually make this a reality in your current home.

Clever use of space

The key to designing a walk-in closet is to use all the space available in the cleverest way possible. We will start by prioritising the hanging space, then build the shelves and drawers around them. Using high space for items you do not need daily access makes sense as does sectioned drawers for smaller items and pull out shelves. Shoe bars are super for high heels but we must accommodate the flats with shoe storage boxes too. Tie and scarf racks are great as is the idea of incorporating baskets for woolen garments - sometimes small things can make all the difference.

Light, camera, action

Great lighting is an integral part of the design and this is where our expertise comes into its own. We will ensure you can not only see your clothes easily but perhaps even set up a dressing area with great lighting and a clever hide away mirror so you can dress in confidence.

Maximise the space

You might not even think of it but the right doors to close off the area are an important consideration. You will need doors that don’t take up too much space or encroach on either the bedroom or closet. We have lots of clever examples of how we do that up our sleeves!

Bespoke hand crafted

No two designs created by us are the same. Each walk-in is designed by our consultants to suit your needs and will incorporate colours, and design to reflect your personality. We design for our clients’ lifestyles, their taste and their space. It’s not a dream, these walk in wardrobes are designed for easy use, everything in its place and accessible. Remember, we offer big or small solutions in a variety of colours and finishes, something to suit most homes. Have a chat with our friendly design team to find out more and book your consultation today.