Our Wardrobe Design Consultation

Design Consultation at Robeplan

The beauty of choosing bespoke furniture for your home is that you will have the perfect solution for your lifestyle. It will be a design to inspire and delight you every time you walk into the room. To ensure our clients get what they really desire we offer a private design consultation.

Your Bedroom Design

You may have wondered what happens during the design consultation. It’s an important meeting and we make it as enjoyable and straightforward as possible for you.

You can arrange to meet our consultant in our showroom or at your home if that suits you better. If you do come to our showrooms, you will be able to see many samples of finishes and styles. When you come you should bring photos of your existing room. This allows us to discuss the challenges you have with storage and usability. We can then see how you live and identify the opportunities for your space. Having your approximate bedroom measurements during this means we can be reasonably accurate during the initial discussion. Of course, when the time comes, we will do our own specific measurements. If you are talking about a new build with us, then we would love to see your plans.

Your Lifestyle Your Wardrobes

At Robeplan we do not just make sliding wardrobes, we have been creating workspaces in homes for all different situations. Perhaps you will devote a complete spare room to a dedicated office space, how wonderful. Or you may be looking for a work area in a room that can transform into a living space in the evenings and weekends. Whatever you need, we will have the home office solution for you.

We can also arrange a consultation in the actual room in your home. How handy is that! Measuring the space and seeing the possibilities in real time.

If you are replacing old wardrobes, that means they did not suit your lifestyle. You either had no room or the wrong layout. That is why we discuss your current lifestyle and routines, it gets us to consider what challenges you may have at the moment when it comes to storage. With our initial design we can give you a glimpse of how your home could actually look.

Infuse your home with style by transforming your wardrobe into a beautiful and efficient space. Make your appointment with our design consultation team today.