Creating a Stylish Home Office

Home Offices at Robeplan

Working from home has many benefits, the dreaded commute is gone for one and we seem to have more time now to enjoy our family and home life. However, one thing that could be a challenge with working from home is establishing that division between home and work time.

Working from home

If you are fed up working from the dining room table or a makeshift area in the spare room, then it is time to start planning. What was initially a makeshift solution born from necessity needs to be transformed into a useable permanent space. If working from home will be a significant part of your life now and in the future, you will need a dedicated office space.

Practical and Beautiful

At Robeplan we do not just make sliding wardrobes, we have been creating workspaces in homes for all different situations. Perhaps you will devote a complete spare room to a dedicated office space, how wonderful. Or you may be looking for a work area in a room that can transform into a living space in the evenings and weekends. Whatever you need, we will have the home office solution for you.

Clutter Free

A clear desk helps you be more productive, they say. Having thoughtfully designed spaces that will include shelves, drawers and workspace will make all the difference. When you have a bespoke design that suits your work style and needs, you will enjoy spending time there.

Experienced Design Consultants

Our home office design consultants will consider many things in the initial design. Light and colour is important here, so we will recommend some options. We will find out what IT equipment you need to incorporate into the design. We may even discuss background views for video conferencing and positioning of whiteboards. And if there are two people in the home working from there, we can create a custom-made design that utilises the space available.

If you are thinking of changing a bedroom into an office or if you want to transform the corner of a larger room, then talk to us today. You can visit our showroom or we can arrange a private consultation at your home to discuss your options. Make your new home office a reality.