Sliding Wardrobe Doors Only



Fancy a bit on the slide...?

if you can’t replace.... Just Reface!

Robeplan, with our doors only service, can turn your hinged Wardrobes into Sliding Wardrobes... so if you can’t replace.... Just Reface!

So... you have existing wardrobes in your bedroom... a full new wardrobe installation is not currently an option... but you want to revamp the bedroom and you don’t want to put in cheap quality, quick fix, solutions?

Why not keep and use your existing wardrobe interior by removing the doors and simply replace them with new hinged doors OR even better why not 'Turn your hinged robes into a Sliding Wardrobe!!!!!'

Yes, Robeplan will remove your existing hinged doors, then design, manufacture and install a brand new set of either sliding or hinged doors made to measure, Or we can also install new Sliding Wardrobe Doors to fit in front of your old wardrobe interiors! Simple!

We will ensure that your new Sliding Doors operate effectively with your remaining existing interior. We will go through door designs and finishes with you, and voila.... a new and up to date looking wardrobe and bedroom... you would be amazed at how much space this alone can make your bedroom look and feel!

Choose from a huge selection of door designs and frame finishes available.

Your Current Wardrobe Remove Hinged Doors Add Sliding Doors!