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Did you know that we spend approximately a third of our life in our bedroom!?


Your bedroom is the first thing you see in the morning and last thing you see at night before you sleep. It is a place that you go to relax whether that’s time out, reading a book or listening to music. It is a haven that you share with loved ones and family members....and also a place that you use to block out the world... your peace and quiet.

Furniture in your bedroom from Wardrobes to dressing tables, lockers, chests of drawers and TV units all help to de-clutter the room, creating an open space and even flow throughout. To maximise space it is recommended to maintain the same style of furniture throughout the room... this creates clean lines and visual space. Robeplan manufacture all fitted bedroom furniture for you from scratch, so you choose the finished look.

Because Robeplan manufacture all of your creations from our Dublin factory, we have full control over your finished pieces.... Remember that custom made does not have to mean expensive! A Common Misconception!

When compared to other ready-made/ off the shelf furniture on the market today, you can choose to have a made to measure piece of furniture selected in an array of finishes, chose the material, chose the handles, chose the size to suit your room.... and believe us when we say that the price comparison and craftsmanship with quality of finish is non-comparable!

So why not think about adding some bedroom extras to your existing bedroom, or add it to your sliding wardrobe order so that all the materials tie in together.

You will see below a range of images displaying only a taste of what’s on offer.

You’d be off your Rocker not to get some Bedside Lockers!

Robeplan manufacture lockers for bedsides in all shapes and sizes; tall, small, narrow, wide, glass tops and Knobs/T-bar Handles... 2,3,4 and no drawers... the choice is yours!

1 Door Locker
Ferarra Oak

T Bar Handle

Bedside Table


3 Drawer Locker

Hooded Knob Handles

3 Drawer Locker
Walnut Standard

TBar Handles
Burgundy Glass Top


Stair Risers driving you up the wall?

We know that a lot of customers have issues with making the most of space in bedrooms which have stair risers coming into the room, especially in box rooms! Robeplan can install wardrobes over these areas to make the most of the space.

Sliding Wardrobe
Over Stair Riser

Cream Interior with walnut edge